Hello, long time no see.
It's been very hot everyday. How have you been?

I'm getting well with my new job and gradually accustomed to new life here. It's been already half a year since you guys came see me off. How time flies. Sorry for not having been in touch. I was so occupied with many things.

Please receive some watermelons. They are known as a specialty of this town, smallish but very delicious, and grown in an organic farm I once mentioned. I heard they would taste best two or three days after they arrive in your hands. I hope you enjoy it with your friends.

I'd like to go back early next year to see the renovated guesthouse. I've seen photos on your Facebook. It looks fantastic. I also like the store you renovated together. I love to live in such a house surrounded by green just like yours.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again, though it wouldn't be very soon. Let's go to a Thai restaurant together with our friends then.

Take care of yourself.